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Inflam Catch is the first system to identify and measure early inflammation in body tissues and organs.


How does it work?

The inflammation increases intracellular sodium and the electrical conductivity between tissues increases as well.


Inflam Catch y Dental Catch are designed to measure such variations in conductivity to allow for a precise diagnosis of inflammation; it identifies swelling processes before other symptoms such as pain, or other visible signs, appear. 


Ideal for physical therapy

and sports medicine

Inflam Catch has demonstrated its efficacy identifying and tracking inflammation. This equipment is especially recommended for the diagnosis and treatment of:


  • Sprains

  • Muscular and ligament lesions

  • Joint swelling in limbs and the spinal column

  • Tendinitis and particularly inflammation of the Achilles tendon, the abductor muscles, athletic pubalgia; severe and chronic pathology of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and wrist.




With its noninvasive exploration Inflam Catch detects inflammation in joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and internal organs such as the large intestine, liver, ovaries, kidneys, thyroid, among others.  


Inflam Catch sends a low electric impulse from an electrode placed over the skin. A second and mobile electrode is used to explore and find inflammations in the affected area.


Our equipment is available in two models: Inflam Catch for physical therapy and sports medicine; and Dental Catch for odontology. They include exclusive tracking software to control and monitor treatment.

Our equipment

Inflam Catch Software  

Our systems include exclusive software that lets you track in detail your patient’s evolution
across each of the examinations; it lets the health care professional adjust treatment to the
physiology of each patient.


Learn about the proven benefits of our technology

Dr. Mariano Mairal, a medical doctor with more than 35 years of experience, explains in a practical video the functioning and the benefits of Inflam Catch. 

Benefits of Inflam Catch

Health care professional:


Measures the inflammation ​

Inflam Catch reveals and measures inflammation quantifying it with a numerical value. 

Optimizes recovery and healing​

It allows for adjustments in treatment that could optimize healing times while monitoring the evolution in treatment.

Treatment adjustment

It lets you precisely define the extension of a lesion and adjust treatment according to its evolution. 

Preventive medicine​

It detects inflammation before associated pathologies become evident, it then prevents lesions for overuse before discomfort materializes.   

Precise tracking

It lets you track with precision the evolution of any osteoarticular, ligament, and muscular lesion.  

Non-invasive diagnosis 

It facilitates precise, non-invasive, diagnosis of inflammation and its evolution during treatment.    


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Inflam Catch and Dental Catch equipment constitute a worldwide patented innovation. We have units available for immediate delivery.


Exploration and patent rights are also available for purchase or licensing in other markets. Please contact us for more information.


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